The Board of Directors of Shami Global Investments (SGI), INVESTA GROUP would like to present their gratitude and thanks for giving us the opportunity to introduce our company.


Shami Global Investments (SGI), INVESTA GROUP, a very successful family-owned business was founded by Anton Khalil Al-Shami in 1963 as a construction material supplier company.  Under the second generation (Nicola A. Al-Shami), the company grew to include Real Estate and Financial Investments.  Now, under the management of the grand children (Bassam, Ghassan, and Fadi N. Al-Shami), SGI has capitalized on the experiences of the founder and the second generation to be the holding company for a group of five sister companies.

SGI, a conglomerate investing in the all sectors of the economy, trade, finance, agricultural, tourism, real estate, and business services.  SGI also participates in establishing companies and investment projects either through owning the company, or in partnership with other companies.  SGI manages other companies and supervises, provides consultation, and represents local and international companies inside and outside Jordan. We are looking and searching for every thing unique and new ideas for the new century and the new generation.


Our MISSION                        One Shop to Stop

                                                One Number to Dial

                                                One Account to Deal


Our VISION                           To create an integrated group of companies to meet our goals and our clients’ needs.


In order to achieve our Mission, INVESTA GROUP, represented by the Board of Directors, has applied the best and most reliable methods of business management and marketing of products and services.  INVESTA GROUP was successfully able to compete with the largest companies in Jordan by importing a variety of valuable and unique products as a sole agent representative for these companies and products in Jordan and the Middle East.


INVESTA GROUP also, by signing agreements with other companies, became the authorized distributor for these companies products.  In addition, through developing and applying the integrated marketing vision as a whole concept for business, and honesty in dealing and communicating with our partners (Customers), and assuring a quick service respond made us the most reliable and trust worthy company. The company successfully was able to expand its services and cliental base through offering the following services:


1.                  Company Establishment;

2.                  Real Estates Services (Buy/Sell/Rent, Property management, …);

3.                  Office Furnishings and Furniture;

4.                  Flower Arrangements for offices, homes, meetings, and other occasions;

5.                  Communication Systems (Wiring, hardware, cell phones, pagers, …);

6.                  Office Network;

7.                  Office Equipments

a.       Copying machines        

b.      Computers

c.       Printers

d.      Shredding machines

e.       Calculators

f.        Time recording machines

g.       Binding devices


8.                  Equipment Rental Services (including computers, printers, binding machines, data show machines, projectors, …);

9.                  Printing Services and Design;

10.              Office Stationary;

11.              Internet and Intranet development

12.              Website development and launching

13.              Insurance Services

14.              Packaging and Shipping Services

15.              Translation Services

16.              Copying Center and Binding Services.  We have our own copying center equipped with the best machines and trained personnel.

17.              Conventional Services

18.              Tourism Services

19.              Film Development and Printing Services

20.              Pictures Framing and Frames

21.              Import/Export Services

22.              Security Services

23.              Advertising Services


Our Capital:   


SGI considers its employees, customer base, and unique valuable products its capital.


Our Employees:


SGI believes in creating self-managed employees.  In order to maintain this concept , SGI invests in its employees by placing the best qualified people in the right places and by providing comprehensive training in customer appreciation, communication negotiations, decision making and accounting in addition to covering the unique features of our products and services. Thus empowering them to make decisions and close deals right on the spot transforming our sales representatives are also our marketing managers, and our accountants.


Our Customer:


SGI maintains a friendly relationship with our clients.  Our client base consists of the Public Sector (Government Agencies), Universities and Colleges, Copy Centers, Embassies, Regional Offices, Businesses and Private Sector, and Individuals. SGI offers not only the best products and utilizes the best quality devices but also provides the best customer service.  Our services do not end at delivering the product, but continue through the life of the product. 


Our Products:


Since our policy is to integrate and apply industry-leading expertise and innovative technology and products to help companies meet today’s complex document workflow demands, increase efficiency and prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges, we always have a presence in the international conventions and fairs seeking the new, and best quality products.

For example, part of the Stationary and office equipment section of SGI, is imported according to the following:


Data Copy      Multi-function printing and copying papers (Swedish)

Perfect            Special printing and copying papers (Canadian)

Executive        Box Files (Bahrain),

Skrebba          Staplers, Punchers (Germany),

Perfect            Thermal papers for ATM and charging machines (Japan),

Herma             Labels (Germany),

And many other stationary products.


Marketing Strategy: 


Following INVESTA GROUP strategy in marketing any product, we apply a comprehensive campaign that consists of the following:


DIRECT CONTACT and One-on-One presentation and demonstration are the best tools to distribute any product especially the Unibind products. 


Live Shows at conventions, exhibitions and fairs.


Through the database of email addresses that we maintain and utilizing the e-commerce marketing companies that maintain huge email data base on a regular basis.  Also, placing the products on the website, and sending faxes to our clients.


Placing ads in local and governmental newspapers, local and airline magazines.



Organization Chart:  

On top of the organization chart there will be the Board of Directors who will manage and monitor the Products TEAM implementing the policies and marketing plan.  The board will maintain a two-way line with Products company representative, sharing all the reports and receiving advice on issues.    

Next is the Products TEAM which will consist of the Product Manager and two associate sales representatives and an assistant sales representative.   Products TEAM through the product manager will submit to the board a monthly report covers all aspects of Products including sales, new competitive product, target achievement, problems and obstacles with the product, customers feedback, …etc.  


Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation.

If you have any further question or need more information do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours Respectfully,


Shami Global Investments




Ghassan N. Al-Shami

General Manager